Souvenirs from across the world(3)

So happy you’re interested in knowing more about the Souvenirs From Across The World feature! Below you will find the full schedule for the upcoming months, for the two parts of this feature.

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💻 Part one: Souvenirs From Across The World on your blogs (ON A BREAK)

Themes of every blog post for the upcoming months. If you want to participate, you can write your blog posts matching the themes all month long. (If you want to participate in September, you can write and link-up until October 9th, etc.)
➡️ Have any idea of themes? Let me know!

september 11th: Things I Love About [your country/city] . To start with the feature, a very simple list post where you can bash all you want about what you like about your city! Think Places you want to spotlight, Things You Love to Say….Let your imagination speak for this list!

october 9th: [your country/city] : a food guide Let’s write a mouth-watering blog post about your country’s favorite dishes! Meals, desserts, even recipes…

november 6th:  [your country/city] : a bookish guide . Since books are a big part of our lives…let’s spotlight some books from your country, some of the most famous authors….

december 11th: [your country/city] : celebrations ! Since this is the christmas season, let’s talk about celebrations in our countries. Obviously I’m talking about Christmas in your hometown / country (decorations etc), BUT also other big celebrations taking place in your country. Are there some special days to celebrate / commemorate some events ? How do you celebrate ? Thanksgiving, big parties, carnival or anything noticeable,  talk about your favorites!

The #SFATW blog posts are taking a break this early 2017…

🎁 Part two: Souvenirs from across the world in your mailbox!

Souvenirs Swapping Schedule

october 2ND: Subscriptions opening.
november 6th: Subscriptions closing.
november 13th: Matching time! You will get an email from me with the name of the blogger you’re paired with and his info.
december 16th: LAST DAY to send your souvenirs!

➡️ To register to send souvenirs, click here. (CLOSED for Winter Season, available again for Summer season soon!)
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