Being original : a must for book bloggers ?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! How are you ? I hope your Wednesday, and your week, is going great. If I’m being honest, I’m getting a bit tired ahah but well, that’s life. Today I am thrilled once again to be back with this feature where, well, basically I will rant about blogging and stuff….

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There’s something I want to talk about today, it might or might not be controversial, I have no idea. But since I have decided to be honest in this, I’m going to jump straight into it, and talk about blogging and originality. You probably guessed it from the title, I should have been more subtle here, ahah.

If you’re reading this, there’s a 99% chance you have a blog as well, and probably just as many chances that you are blogging about books, because I am, too. But what does a book blogger really do? If I talked about this in a previous blog post, I never really talked about what we write. The heart and soul of book bloggers, and the reason why so many of us started doing this, was for the book reviews. Correct me if I’m wrong. In the first place, if I started blogging, it was to talk about the books I loved, hated, share my opinion and basically just scream about books here online, because when I do in real life people tend to look at me sideways and wonder “what the hell is this crazy person clutching her book like it’s a lifejacket?” So obviously, I started by writing book reviews. Or well, sometimes just staring into space as I tried to think about what to write.


Then I realized that book bloggers weren’t just sharing their thoughts on books, and they also did a thousand billion different things. Some popular among the masses, which makes it not too original if you think about it. Take discussion posts, for instance : these kind of posts are very popular and so many bloggers are doing this, whether they are talking about bookish or / and blogging issues.ย  Then there are reading challenges, and tags, and memes, such as the Top Ten Tuesday one, or the Waiting on Wednesday one, and so on.ย  If you’re ever blog-hopping and / or scrolling through bookish blogs, there are many, many chances you’ll find these kind of posts.

But does this mean we are ALL clones ? Does this mean no one thrives for originality in the book blogging community, and at some point we are all the same ? Does this mean you ever get *gasps* bored while blog hopping because all the blog posts end up being so repetitive ? Wait for a minute before you throw tomatoes at me and hate me, because I never said everyone was boring. Because if it were, WHY would we spend SO many hours and days and months and YEARS talking to other book bloggers, if everyone’s the same ?


Being original isn’t about writing crazy blog posts on a subject no one’s ever talked about, because let’s face it, I am sure someone already did a post like this. Being original isn’t about NOT doing any memes at all, or doing them all.

I don’t think of myself as an original book blogger. I don’t come up with crazy ideas, though I’d like to think I have my moments. I’m doing tags that already tons of people did, I’m writing discussion posts on subjects people already talked about.

Originality lies in ourselves. If I’m reading blogs, it’s not because they did a tag I never heard about, or a discussion post that’s CRAZY – though I’ll admit, it happens I do. We are all curious aren’t we? But if I keep on reading, it’s because I find originality in the blogger‘s way of answering the questions. Of speaking his own mind about a subject. Of talking about books, sharing his thoughts. Not one blogger, or one review, is ever the same.


If I keep on reading, it’s because I find personality, PASSION. To be honest, being original, in the sense of being different, IS a must for every book blogger. But there’s no need to spend nights brainstorming to find crazy ideas – though it’s cool to! But no need to lose too many brain cells doing this. KEEP THEM TO READ, people. Reading is important. What matters here is that you’re being yourself, and, in this community I want to find accepting and welcoming despite all the dramas, you will be original and successful. Alright, now don’t throw me tomatoes and I’ll go hide, hoping no one takes this post the wrong way, because I love you all and everyone’s original and unique in its own way. I hope you got that from my rant, because that’s the most important.

What makes a blog original to you ? What makes you keep on reading a blog : different blog posts, originality, or / and the personality of the blogger ? ๐Ÿ˜Š

What’s the kind of post you love to read the most ? Is it memes, discussion posts, reviews ? Let’s chat in comments ! ๐Ÿ’ฌ


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146 thoughts on “Being original : a must for book bloggers ?

  1. I totally missed this post! You’re so right that most blogs aren’t original in the general content that they provide, but where they have to shine is in their voice, writing style, and the passion they bring to each post. For example, I love your posts because you have a unique voice that’s approachable, honest, and easy to read. And when you do tags everyone has done, I still love reading your answers. You also have interesting and original content other people don’t do, so you’re an A++ blogger in general!

    I struggled with creating original content when I started blogging and I still do, but I’m not going to stress over it too much because I think I have a unique enough blog and writing style that people don’t mind too much if I do things other people are doing. Last week, I did a book tag that was super old, but nobody seemed to care haha, because I got lots of comments and view. So it’s reassuring that book bloggers are here to support each other. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Awww Naz thank you so, so much, you are going to make me blush! This is so sweet of you to say, really. โค
      You're so right about this. I felt a bit stressed out, and sometimes I still do, about writing something original or different or completely unique. I get an idea then realize that it's actually a very common idea, and I feel sad about it ahah. But I guess lots of the originality and what makes us unique is just because we are all different people with different ideas, minds, ways of writing and thinking, which makes reading blogs always interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ And YOU are so interesting always, I just love your blog's theme and how you always make me discover new books โค


  2. Most of the time I’m reading book blogs for book recommendations. So if I like the personality that comes across and if they have a similar taste in books I’m going no to keep reading. Plus I always like a good sense of humour thrown in there. I’m very new to this so I’m trying my best.

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  3. See Iโ€™m one of the very few who is not a book blogger. Iโ€™m too scared that I will be lazy, be in a burnout, wonโ€™t be good enough, wonโ€™t know how to do anything, etc. I donโ€™t really look for discussion posts. I look for people who have a lot of passion and similar interests for books. Also I love tags. Any sort of tags just kinda draws me in. But I just love the different personalities. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. You don’t have to put so many pressure on yourself! โค You can totally be a book blogger and post every now and then, talk about book and do book tags and things like that. There is no wrong way to blog about books, as long as you're passionate about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Awww Iโ€™ll take that advice! Iโ€™m just always really scared to start something but once Iโ€™m in the groove, I will love it! Thank you!

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