The Get To Know Me Tag, Nyx’ edition

Hi friends! I’m back! Did you miss me? How was your month? I was busy with work but with a few days off then and there, I still got time to enjoy myself. With my sister, we actually had a lovely week-end in Dijon (France).

Today I decided to do the Get To Know Me tag so you guys can learn a few things about me. How does that sound? Alright, let’s answer some questions.

Hi, that’s me! 🙂

Vital Stats 📈

Name: Fanny. Not that fond of it, but…oh well.
Nicknames: “Nynyx” because “Nyny” is a way too obvious nickname for people named Fanny haha!
Birthday: 16th April. I actually love being born in Spring, yeah that was random.
Star Sign: Aries.
Occupation: I’m a communications assistant.


Appearance 💅

Hair colour: Brown, basic brown.
Hair length: Hm, right now they are going down a bit above my shoulders.
Eye colour: Brown. Let’s go with chocolate brown, that sounds better and way more original haha!
Best Feature: Uh…I guess I’m a good listener? That’s a hard question to answer if you tell me.
Piercings: Only ear piercings, one on the right ear and two on the left.
Tattoos: I wish, I kinda love the little ones if they’re well placed but I’m way too scared to get one.
Right or Left: I’m right-handed. That’s the question, right?

Firsts 🎈

Best Friend: My sister. Always.
Award: I never had any award *insert sad face here*. Is my high school or college diploma count as an award?
Sport: I’m not really into sport but I occasionally do like biking, rollerblading and playing badminton.
Real Holiday: Can’t remember, I always travelled with my family for as long as I can remember. I feel lucky. It was probably the South of France.
Concert: I think it was Coldplay. The Jonas Brothers were next, muhaha ->


Favourites 💖

Film: Damn, that’s a hard question… I’ll cheat and go with three : Back To The Future, About Time and Benjamin Gates.
TV ShowFriends. Always and forever in love with that show.
Colour: Forest green…yeah I know that’s quite elaborate!
Song: I will say…Chandelier by Sia.
Restaurant: I don’t think you’ll know the names since it’s in France but I love italian food and sushis and burgers and… hell I love food!
ShopWaterstone! WHY DO I LIVE IN FRANCE?!
Books: Those questions are killing me I swear, I CAN’T choose! I’ll cheat again and go with those three : The Hunger Games, Uglies and I’ll Give You The Sun.



i'll give you the sun

Currently ⏳

Feeling: Fine, enjoying the week-end 🙂
Single or Taken: Single.
Eating: Not eating anything right now, would kill for some waffles though!
Thinking About: My next getaway.
Watching: Modern Family.
Wearing: My PJs. It’s the week-end, don’t you dare judge me haha!


Future 🙈

Want Children: Yes, for sure.
Want to be Married: Yes.
Careers in Mind: I’m currently working in Communication, I’d like to stay in that field.
Where You Want To Live: In my dreams? London! More seriously? At home, Alsace (France).

Do you Believe in…💭

God: Not really, but I believe in a greater purpose.
Miracles: I wish.
Love at First Sight: I don’t think so.
Ghosts: Probably, kinda scary though.
Aliens: I do, I mean, why would we be alone?
Soul Mates: Yes, I think they are people meant to be.
Heaven: Don’t want to think about it.
Hell: Don’t want to think about it, either.
Kissing on the First Date: Yes.
Yourself: Uh…sometimes haha!

If you read everything, THANK YOU, this is so sweet of you.


I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me a little better 😊 Do we have anything in common? Share something about yourself in comments!💬

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29, French, Communication. Part-time blogger, books & tv shows addict, food lover, traveler. 📚📺🍣🌎

39 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag, Nyx’ edition

  1. I love I’ll Give You The Sun!
    Communications sounds like an interesting career 🙂
    Loved the answer about food too. Can’t pick just one, right? 😛

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  2. I loved this tag and loved getting to know more about you. We actually have a few things in common, which is pretty cool 🙂


  3. It’s nice to see you back again Nyx, and I love that you posted this tag. It’s such a great way to get to know people and it was great to get to know you a little better as well!
    Ah Waterstones is my all-time favourite shop as well, anytime I am in town or in London I have to make a stop off there even if it’s just to browse books, and I’ll Give You the Sun has to be one of my favourite books as well, definitely one of my favourite YA contemporary reads! 😀
    I also love the Uglies series, you don’t see it a lot on WordPress but it’s a favourite of mine too.

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    1. Thank you Beth! 😘 Yeees I’m so sad we don’t have Waterstones here in France but I guess I would be broke if there were the case haha! So glad you agree, those books are my all time favorites 😍

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    1. Yeeeees! I think we don’t talk enough about that book, I just love it so much 😍 Aaah same here, I also watched it! I haven’t re-read them yet but I really want to. I just gotta find the time 😊

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  4. *raises from her chair* Hello Nynyx!!! 😀
    The problem with chocolate brown eyes is that people might want to eat those eyes. You’d be zombies’ first target too because everyone knows zombies love chocolate.
    Waffles! You are my friend! 😀 I made some yesterday to go with my tea, it was delicious. I’m a waffles worshipper, especially when they’re made with Rum. They’re so much lighter and yummier than crêpes!

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    1. Hiii Donna! 😁 Aaah you’re right I haven’t thought this through! I guess I’ll go with brown haha. God, you’re making me hungry, I need to make some NOW 😋


  5. Hi Nyx! Hope you had a good month. 😉

    Also omg it’s SO awesome that you and Marie share the same tastes RE: Friends. No one in my life is as obsessed as I am with that show – I’ve rewatched it over and over AND OVER and I’m still not bored, and even my boyfriend and cousin/roommate have sometimes asked me if I’ll ever get bored. 😂

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    1. Hi Reg! It was good thanks, what about yours? 😊 Yeees Frieeeeends! It’s not possible to get bored with that show! We watched so many times we actually can say their lines haha 😁😁


      1. October was pretty crap but November’s getting better! I’m somewhat on vacation though and that has done wonders for the mindset. 😛

        OMG, I can do that too! I kind of wish they’ll do a continuation but I’m also like, it’s great that it ends on a high note.

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