Living the dream (2) : New York, the city that never sleeps

Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you had a great week, and are enjoying your weekend. I have a confession, I got really pissed about that post, and, well, I think I’m a bit too perfectionist about everything. Anyway, you all should know before everything that my travel buddy (on that trip and every other), my sister, pitched me some wonderful ideas for this article. Best sister ever. Let’s get started, and I hope you’ll like it! Today, I’m taking you to… 


💭 Welcome to New York City, or where we woke up at 6 a.m ready to see the world

Here’s the thing. New York is a HUGE city, seriously, it’s huge, and if you think you can do it all by foot, you’re wrong. We were wrong, erm, but that’s another story. But when you’re waking up in the morning, all traces of jet-lag banished in your thoughts, all ready to go out and discover the city you’ve been dreaming of forever…and realize it’s only 6 in the morning, well… Okay. You can do A LOT of things anyway if you’re out early. Rise and shine, pretties. Let’s go see the Big Apple.

Times Square NYC
Times Square

When you think about New York, you think about yellow cabs, huge buildings, and obviously, Times Square. Really just a huge place filled with billboards and surrounded by shops, and the famous red stairs. If you get on top, you can see yourself in the huge tv screen right in front of you. You know, to have your celebrity moment.

The Chrysler Building
The Chrysler Building

Walking around on the streets almost feels surreal, because really, New York city. I get chills just thinking back about how I made this dream came true. It’s crazy, really, when you’re looking up and seeing the Chrysler Bulding, and then, Empire State Building right here. Like, hello, I’m tall. Is it okay to hug buildings? Because I would have, at that time. So, so happy.

I already said this before, but I really think that one of the best ways to get ahold of just how pretty a city is (and how big, and impressive), is to get ON TOP of it. Like you’re the world dominator, for just a few minutes. I thought New York was impressive from down below, with all of its tall buildings, streets and fuzzy people all around. Well, staring down from the top of the Empire State Building, there was no word.

view from the Empire
The View from The Empire State Building

view from the Empire

Yes, okay, you know me. I love books. Obviously I had to see the New York Library. Isn’t is as beautiful as reading a good book?

NY Library
The NY Library

If there’s one thing I could advice you do to in New York, it’s this. The view from The Top of The Rock. For me, it was even more spectactular than from the Empire, because, well, you can see it? And, I don’t know, it’s just so, so impressive.

view from the Top of The Rock
View from the Top of The Rock

Okay. I was kidding before. There’s one thing you have to see, because it’s the NYC cliché, sure, but because, well, it’s there, you gotta see it. And, I mean, it’s a man from my hometown who designed it, and I feel proud, haha. Ladies and gentlemen, The Statue Of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty

I know, you probably saw it already a thousand times in pictures, but nothing’s worth seeing it for real. It’s WAY bigger than you think it is, really. And I really loved the island. It’s a short boat ride from Manhattan, and it feels so peaceful, well, except for the swarm of tourists, sure. And the view from here to the city is so pretty.

view Statue
View from the Liberty Island

Going down the road to places you have to see, and because it’s in the south of Manhattan’s island, well, the 9/11 memorial. I can say that I have never been to New York before it happened, but, seeing this place really is breathtaking, and a deeply emotional experience that everyone should go see for themselves. Because it’s important, it really is.

9/11 memorial
9/11 memorial

Hopefully, it won’t be a thousand degrees when you get to New York, like we did… because this, guys, THIS BELOW, was like going in the DESERT. For hours. Who knew Brooklyn Bridge was THAT big and that exhausting? But who knew a brigde could make me so happy?

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge


New York is one of those cities you can’t NOT know about. Whether you’re annoyed because you don’t like it, or big cities, or over the moon because you love it, whether you live there, or not…well, I guess everyone has their own vision of the city.

🙊 I’ve been told that everyone in the USA is overweight. . Now THAT is a huge cliché, and, my first time in the US confirmed that it is COMPLETELY WRONG. People are just being people.

🌆 I’ve been told that everyone’s in a hurry. Oh, the swarm of people at peek hour in the subway. UGH. RIGHT. Everyone really is in a hurry, at whatever hour of the day. Seriously. That’s crazy. And this reminds me why I love books, haha.

I’ve been told that New York city is HUGE. My feet hurt, because well, I like walking, okay? And well we might be a little bit crazy, too. And hm, well, it’s so TRUE, it is HUGE. Really.

👙 I’ve been told that it’s okay, the climate isn’t that different from where I live. WRONG, RED BUZZER, WRONG.  I guess going there in the middle of July wasn’t the best thing to do. Pollution, cars, and well, the subway UNDER THE SUBWAY in like the heart of the Earth… I mean, it was A BILLION DEGREES. Thank you huge tall buildings for providing a little shadow, and thank you showers for existing.

🚕 I’ve been told that you can find cabs everywhere.
 Hello. Look around. Yellow cabs. Look around again? Wow. TEN cabs per minute going in front of you. Okay, YES, RIGHT, it’s kind of easy to get a cab here, I guess? 

✈️ I know it’s New York, but there’s still some nature to see.

When you think about New York, it’s so easy to think about the big, tall, endless buildings, and feel scared because, well, WHERE ARE THE TREES and nature and animals and I AM CHOKING. No? Only me? Okay. I love big cities, but I love big parks, too. I was glad to find some peaceful places, in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is one great, AMAZING example. Because it’s in the Friends neighborhood, probably, but, well, because look at this. There are trees, flowers, benches, and it just felt great walking here and taking a break away from everything.

High Line
The High Line

If you looked at the picture above, WOULD YOU SAY you are in New York? I wouldn’t have guessed. This is the High Line, people, and, if you ask me, well, just GO THERE. It’s like another world in the city, it’s so cool. I photographed DRAGONFLIES there, guys.

Central Park
Central Park

Obviously, I can’t talk about nature without mentioning Central Park. CENTRAL PARK IS HUGE. Really, I was amazed. It’s so beautiful, too, and the best way to feel like a New Yorker. Hide your map for a second, and just jog with people, see them meet over a pic nic, take their children close to the water, just….it’s so great. I could talk about it for hours, but well, I’ll spare you. For now.

Bryant Park
Bryant Park

Bryant Park, or another way to catch a break in your crazy New-Yorker day.


As always, seven full days in New York certainly doesn’t make me an expert on the city, but…with my tourist eyes, and my experience, here are some things you should know before planning a trip to New York.

👟 GOOD SHOES. I’ve said it before, but the city really is HUGE. And well, the best way to discover it is to WALK, so…good shoes are in order. It’s also great to have great shoes when you don’t have a CLUE about how the subway works and ends up walking 20 blocks…

🚇 SUBWAY = MAZE (no runners here). Sorry for the stupid pun. Couldn’t stop myself. Really, though, the subway is weird? I think it’s good to study it for a long time. You know, in case you feel like hm, NOT getting lost?

🌊 WATER = ESSENTIAL. If you’re going in the summer, please take water with you, or you’ll feel like you could crumble into a million pieces.

Alright…there are way too many things I did, and to do in New York for me to wrap it all up in one post…I’ll take you back there very soon, but for now, let’s chat! 💬

Did you already go to New York? Would you like to? What is THE place you’d like to see/the thing you’d like to do there?

I LOVE to travel with my sister, but, tell me…who’s your favorite travel buddy? Friends, family…?✈️

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78 thoughts on “Living the dream (2) : New York, the city that never sleeps

  1. As always, your travel posts are just the best. I always feel like I am right there with you, your enthusiasm and excitement over having been there basically oozing off my screen. I know exactly how surreal it feels when you make something come true, when you are actually at a place you have dreamed about. Those streets will forever be part of you ❤

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    1. Aww, that’s awesome! I guess you and I have a very different vision of the city, then 🙂 It’s so packed, all the time, there are so many people, and it’s such a different atmosphere. I’m used to big cities, but New York takes the word “big” to a whole other level, ahah 🙂
      Thank you so much! ❤

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      1. I live here in the US actually! NYC is totally awesome. I live pretty close to Washington DC too, which is another super fun place to visit because there are tons of museums and attractions all along the National Mall downtown. It’s gorgeous at this time of year because the National Cherry Blossom Festival is about to start! Disney World in Orlando, Florida is really, really amazing too, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which includes Diagon Alley) is across the street at Universal Studios! I would also recommend going to an sporting event or a concert, to really get a feel for how we Americans are as a culture. I don’t know how much you know about American Football, but I think it’s one of the best things about our culture.

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      2. Ohhh that’s awesome, I went to Washington DC too and it was soooooo gorgeous, I loveed that place, the monuments, everything, it was so beautiful and perfect ❤
        Ohhh, you're making me want to travel so, SO badly with all of your recommendations! Thank you!! ❤

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  2. Oh man this is a brilliant post, and amazing pictures as well, it makes me want to be in New York right now. I went there with my sister back in 2012 and fell in love with the city. It is one of my favourite places in the world I’ve been to so far and I managed to convince my friend to go there with me this year 😀 we’re doing Christmas shopping in New York City.
    Washington Square Park looks so pretty but I completely agree with you about Central Park. My sister and I spent the whole morning walking around it and only made it about one third of the way around!

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    1. Aww, thank you so, so much Beth, means the world to me! ❤ It's so great that you're going back there this winter, you must be so excited! And Christmas, wow, you plan far ahead, ahah! 🙂
      Washington Square Park was such a pretty place, and, being a huge Friends fan, I was over the moon to be there, ahah 😛
      Oh yes, my sister and I had the same issue, we thought we could do it all, but turns out that, well… IT IS WAY TOO BIG, wow, I was impressed, ahah!

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      1. That’s all right 😀
        And oh yes I am SO excited to be going back, I think the second I left New York the first time I wanted to go back, and yeah we do plan ahead, but we wanted to go to New York later in the year anyway and my friend was the one who suggest Christmas shopping there, it just fits. Oh my friend is a MASSIVE Friends fan, and I enjoyed it as well so we’ll definitely need to check out Washington Square Park.
        I was honestly surprised by how big it was, the first time I went, we did it on the last day so we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked but you’d need a whole day to get around the whole park I’d imagine! Maybe next time 😀

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      2. OH I get the feeling, I think this happens to me with London all the time, it happened a bit with New York,too, but London remains my favorite, so the feeling is much stronger there 🙂
        OH yes you should, it’s a great place, and I just love the surroudings. I obviously cried in front of the Friends building, ahah, but well… I really think it’s kind of magical to be in a place where you favorite show/ movie was filmed, or at least part of it, it’s crazy!
        I’m sure it would take even more than a day if you’re taking breaks and everything, ahah, it’s HUGE, I had no idea, ’til we saw a map and realized we had only done like, well, not even a third of it, ahah. Oh yes, I hope you’ll go there, at Christmas time it must be so beautiful !

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      3. I would be brilliant if you came to London, just dropping that in there 😀
        It’s one of the best and worst parts of travelling isn’t it, going to such an amazing country that you can’t wait to go back again!
        I will definitely have to suggest it to my friend then because she will probably love it just as much as you did! And I know the feeling, just seeing the places you see on TV or the big screen is such an experience isn’t it!
        There’s even so many different things to see in Central Park alone isn’t there! My aim is, if not to get the whole thing done in December, get more done than I did last time 🙂 it’s a goal!

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      4. I want to tell you, I’m definitely coming back soon, because I seem to go to London every year, these past few years…I miss it A LOT when I don’t go there. It really feels like home ❤
        I can't wait then, I'm already excited for all of your adventures in the US! 😀

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      5. Yay London! It feels like home for me, even though technically I don’t live in London (I’m just outside) I travel into the city enough for work it’s like my home away from home! And yeah, I love London as well! So much to see and do!
        Ohh yes, I am so excited for the US! I will post about it on my blog when I’m back with photos and everything, I am currently writing up something from Scotland, hopefully it’ll be up this weekend sometime!


  3. This is such a great idea for a post! Lovely pictures! I have gone to New York once and I loved it, but that was a few years ago. I think I may have to go again soon! When I went I also visited the public library- isn’t it beautiful?

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    1. Aww thank you Geraldine! Well, how about, ALL OF THE FOOD?! I have to say, since we do like to do a lot of stuff during the day, we didn’t really ate at special restaurants or anything… BUT I’ll have to think about it, maybe put some foodie recommendations in my next post about New York 😛

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  4. I absolutely adore traveling with you, Marie! New York is stunning and I dream to visit the same places I watched at Gossip Girl. I’m a bit crazy for this show and I’ll probably be crying as I set foot in the same place my favorite characters were. Maybe one day real soon! 💟

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    1. Awwww, you are the sweetest! And GOSSIP GIRL, I love that show too! 😮 I felt like I was living the dream and searching for my own Chuck Bass in the streets of the Upper East Side, haha 😛 I really hope you’ll get the chance to go there someday soon! ❤


  5. I love that you’re tackling the American stereotypes for us! 😉 I agree, there will be a lot of places with overweight people and we do have some of the fattiest foods but not all of us are! And hehe, I’ve never been to New York (yet) but I’ve been to states with super big cities like Atlanta and Nashville where it’s just so crowded; I can’t even begin to imagine how massive and crowded NYC would be. Thanks for taking us along your trip, Marie! Your sister is brilliant with the ideas. 🙂

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    1. Aw thank you so much Summer! ❤ oh, well okay, ahah, I thought maybe some other big cities in the US weren't as crowded, but now I'll know it's the same, ahah. It's crazy though, all of these people! It kind of amazes me.
      Thank YOU so much, you're so sweet Summer, your comments always make me smile. And yes she is brilliant, and really sometimes has a new vision on my ideas, and I love it 🙂 I should introduce her in a post, since she's always so helpful with me, ahah 😛

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  6. This is so cool, Marie! I have heard a lot about New York, and I loved seeing your perspective (or reading it I guess) I’m probably not going to New York anytime soon but this is really cool anyway 🙂 Your pictures were great and I liked hearing about the cliches.

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  7. Wow, New York looks stunning! I want to visit so badly, and it sounds like you had an amazing time. I wouldn’t be brave enough to go in the summer – I’ve seen enough episodes of How I Met Your Mother to know it would be horrible! I love the way it has so many green spaces in the heart of the city. It’s rare for a city of it’s size to have such lovely parks! I’m glad you got to look at the city from the top of a building – it’s so huge, so being able to see it from the top sounds like a great idea. 😀

    Thank you so much for sharing this post, Marie! I absolutely adore reading about your trips – these posts are the highlights of my week! ❤
    Denise | The Bibliolater

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    1. Hahaha, oh right, well it was kind of crazy at times, let’s say I was VERY grateful for showers to exist, ahah, it was so hot. I loved that about it, too, it’s so great to be surrounded by trees right in the heart of such a big city. I was so impressed with Central Park for that! ❤
      Thank YOU Denise, your comments always make my day, you're so sweet, I'm really happy you love those! ❤ Thank you so much! ❤


  8. That’s it, Marie, you did it again. This was honestly such an amazing post–I literally felt as if I was there with you, sightseeing.. which makes it a sad realization when I figure out that I’m not. Le sigh. The wanderlust is real! I’m honestly so jealous of you haha. But thank you so much for taking us along with you to New York! I’ve always wanted to actually take the time to visit. I’ve went, a couple of times, but I’ve never actually went anywhere much. :/ So thank you! This was such an amazing post. ❤


    1. Aww, Analee, you are making me blush, you are way too sweet with me, seriously. Thank you ❤ I'm glad I could take you there with me for a little while, and I really hope you'll take the time to visit the city someday, it's worth it, and there are SO many different places to see 🙂 Thank you so much, you're so sweet, and no reason to be jealous, I'm sure you went and are going to visit great places! ❤

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