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 Hi bookish friends! I hope you had a wonderful week! It’s been a cold and rainy week for me, fall is definitely coming to an end, with winter right around the corner…and I already am sick of it, haha!

Since we’re talking about seasons, today, I’m coming back with another book tag, thanks to the wonderful Kat @ Life and Other Disasters! If you don’t know her, well you’re clearly missing out on a sweet, funny and pretty incredible person, so, don’t wait up, and go check out her blog! So, let’s get into this Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag, and answer some questions !

Crunching Leaves 🍂

The world is full of color – choose a book that had reds/oranges/yellows on the cover.

faking perfect1

The cover of Faking Perfect, by Rebecca Phillips, perfectly fits this question, and it kind of reminds me about this season, too.

Cozy Sweater 💛

It’s finally cold enough to don warm cozy clothing: what book gives you the warm fuzzies?

my life next doorOh, that’s a hard question. I’m a tender at heart, and I obviously will go for a contemporary romance on that one. My Life Next Door, by Huntley Fitzpatrick, perfectly fits this question, don’t you think? If you haven’t read this book yet, well, you should. It’s a perfect contemporary romance with a big family, and big warm fuzzies.

Fall Storm ☔️

The wind is howling & the rain is pounding – choose your favorite book OR genre that you like to read on a stormy day

since you've been goneI guess that, on a stormy or rainy day, I would go for a little contemporary book, but with a touch of aventure in it. Because, when it rains and you’re stuck inside, we want to escape a little bit, don’t we? I think Since You’ve Been Gone, by Morgan Matson, would be the perfect fit!

Cool Crisp Air ☁️

Who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?

Wow, there are so many cool characters in books, but I’m not sure I would want to trade places with all of them. I mean, Juliet from the Shatter Me series is kind of awesome, but I wouldn’t want to live in her world. Mara Dyer is all kinds of awesome and craziness all over the place, but, hm, I wouldn’t want to be her. So I’m going to go with something soft and sweet, and I would LOVE to be Blair Waldorf, from the Gossip Girl book series. She’s kind of a bitch, but she knows how to go after what she wants. I love that about her.


Hot Apple Cider ☕️

What under hyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?

just visitingIt’s only been out for a few days, I think, so I’m not really going to say it’s under-hyped. But I haven’t heard about it a lot, and this saddens me, because it’s such an incredible book. If you enjoy stories about friendship, going off to college, you should give Just Visiting, by Dahlia Adler, a try.

Coat, Scarves, and Mittens ❄️

The weather has turned cold & it’s time to cover up – What’s the most embarrassing book cover you own that you like to keep hidden in public?

Wow, are really book covers supposed to be embarassing? I don’t think there’s a book on my shelf that I can put in that category, I don’t really find any of the covers of the books I’m reading embarassing.  Do you?

Pumpkin Spice 🍁

teaWhat’s your favorite Fall time comforts food/foods?

TEA? I love tea, I drink tea all the time. And cake. And chocolate. And…I love food, so I’m just going to stop there, ahah.

Warm, Cozy Bonfire: Spread the cozy warmth – Who do you tag?

For this, I’m going to tag some of my new followerswelcome, and THANK YOU for following me! ❤️

Càtia @ The Girl Who Reads Too Much
Ariana @ The Quircky Book Nerd
Daniela @ Daniela’s Bookshelf
Enisha @ Bookaliciousblog

Tell me, guys, is fall your favorite season? 🍂 Why, or why not? Do you find yourself more often at home into your books during that time?! What’s YOUR favorite fall comfort food? 

And, for all of you Australian folks – I envy you guys for being in summer! Are you looking forward to fall again, or not at all?! Let’s chat in comments! 💬

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13 thoughts on “Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag

  1. You make me blush with all those kind things you said about me. Thank you! ❤
    I love your choices and I seriously mean that because you've mentioned some of my favourite books (My Life Next Door and Since You've Been Gone) and also Blair. BLAIR WAS ALWAYS MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER ON GOSSIP GIRL (both book and show!).
    I can always drink tea 🙂 and I really want to read Just Visiting!

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  2. Enjoyed reading your answers 🙂 I still haven’t read any books by Huntley Fitzpatrick or Morgan Matson, but I keep seeing people reviewing them and really want to! I also secretly want to be Blair Waldorf too!!

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    1. Aw, you really should, if you enjoy contemporary stories, you should love those! I think they’re some of the best writers in this genre 🙂 Awww really?! Blair Waldorf is the best, we’ll take lessons from her, to be as fabulous as she is 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment!! ❤

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      1. I’ll definitely be checking both of them out soon, I’ve really gotten into contemporaries recently 🙂 Haha, sounds like a plan! Your post has made me want to rewatch Gossip Girl actually, I haven’t watched any TV in ages!

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  3. I just love how you completed this with so many contemporaries! And don’t freeze over there, Marie! It’s getting pretty chilly over here as well. I’m finally breaking out the winter coats and stockings! Thought the cold isn’t too ideal I love winter clothing. 😀

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